[tei-council] report on msdescription (dot&james)

Dot Porter dporter at uky.edu
Fri Mar 24 11:37:48 EST 2006


Overall, this is a module which makes use of the class system fairly well.

1. Content models: We're concerned that many elements' contents are
macro.specialPara; this really isn't necessary in all cases. Why, in
'support' for example do you need: another
msDescription, address, app, caesura, castList, cit, eTree, classSpec,
elementSpec, gap, eg, egXML, rhyme, etc. etc.

There are many elements whose content model contains sets of elements
which might be more usefully expressed as a class:

msIdentifier has a similar content model to altIdentifier. Create new

Other elements with possibilities for new content model classes:

adminInfo (adminInfoPart)
dimensions (dimensionsPart)
history (historyPart)
msItemStruct (msItemStructPart)
msPart (msPartPart (!) )
physDesc (physDescPart)
supportDesc (supportDescPart)

2. Attributes: Possible new classes.

msContents, msItem, msItemStruct all have @class and @defective
explicit and incipit have @defective
binding and seal have @contemporary

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