[tei-council] transcr and textcrit

Dot Porter dporter at uky.edu
Fri Mar 24 16:54:23 EST 2006

Hello List,

I've been having trouble getting email through to Susan today, so she
hasn't looked at this report... but I wanted to get it in before the


1. Content models: <rdg> and <lem> share the same content model;
perhaps create a new class.
2. Attributes: Only two elements in this module have explicit
attributes, and there is not enough overlap to justify a new class.
3. Class Memberships: no suggestions
4. <witness>, <wit>, and <witDetail> all contain macro.paraContent.
This seems very liberal, and the editors might want to consider a more
specific class.


1. Content models: Content models for all transcr elements are by model class.

2. Attributes: <hand> and <handList> share @style, @ink, @writing,
@resp. New class? (handPart)

It is probably not worthwhile to make attribute classes of one, but anyway:

addSpan, damage, delSpan, restore, supplied: @hand
damage, delSpan, fw, restore: @type
damage, supplied: @agent

3. Class membership: Should <fw> a member of model.milestoneLike? It
is not empty.

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