[tei-council] class struggle: report on nets, figures and gaiji

Sebastian Rahtz Sebastian.Rahtz at oucs.ox.ac.uk
Fri Mar 24 03:54:14 EST 2006


 1. <char> and <glyph> have <desc> and <gloss> children.
     These should be replaced by "macro.glossSeq",
     which adds <equiv>, and makes
     these elements behave like *Spec in the TD chapter.
     The <equiv> will be useful one day.

2. <char> and <glyph> refer to <graphic> explicitly.
     This should be replaced by (model.graphicLike)*,
     to allow for <binaryObject> and whatever else comes up
     in future (eg sound recordings? video clips?). Whatever
     it takes to represent the character.

3. <mapping> has (text | g)*. This should be macro.xtext, like <value>


1. the @role, @rows and @cols attributes of <cell> and <row> should be
   managed via an attribute class, att.tableDecoration, allowing
   for future development.

2. <figure> refers to <graphic> and <binaryObject> explicitly.
   This should be replaced by (model.graphicLike)*


    [no change]
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