[tei-council] More on TEI Lite: work in progress

Sebastian Rahtz sebastian.rahtz at oucs.ox.ac.uk
Thu Feb 9 04:16:08 EST 2006

Lou's Laptop wrote:

> 3. The elements <gi>, <code>, <ident>, <kw> were previously added as 
> extensions; all but the last are available from the tagdocs module, so 
> I've taken them from there now, adding <att>  and <val>  (but not 
> <tag>) for good measure. I've retained <kw> as an extension. I'm open 
> to persuasion as to whether to remove this, or to add <egXML>, <desc>, 
> <equiv>...

I say remove it. make Lite a strict subset. I would not add <desc> and 
where would people use them? and <egXML> is a can of worms.

> 5. As previously noted, I am trying to remove numbered divs. More on 
> that anon.

I hit this last night in concocting an exercise for our TEI course. I 
was able
to zap numbered divs, at the cost of losing <divGen> and <lb>; this is fine
for my exercise, but you might baulk at it for Lite. The point is (as 
you know),
the content model for <body> is too fragile, it is not possible for the 
user to tell
whether or not it will break when an element is removed.  We went through
this back in September or so, when Syd was putting in fairly radical changes
to the models following the class meeting, and I clawed back to a sane, but
fragile, state. <body>, <back>, <front> and (from memory) <lg> all have the
same problem.

> 7. I've revised the discussion of figures and graphics in line with 
> how it is now presented in P5. I havent added <binaryObject> yet though.

you probably should.

> 8. I plan to axe most of the discussion of character entities.

I agree with Christian, add the gaiji module, and document <g>.
we have to be serious about this, or there was no point
doing the work.


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