[tei-council] Proposal for a Council Meeting May 2006 in Kyoto

Lou Burnard lou.burnard at computing-services.oxford.ac.uk
Sat Jan 14 10:52:57 EST 2006

This is great news... I think the idea of a pre-meeting set of 
presentations would be fine, though we do need to tie down the topics a 
bit carefully to avoid duplication. Speaking for myself, I'd be happy to 
speak on either the  overall organization and content of P5 (what it is, 
why it is different from P4, and how you can do cool things with it) or 
on a more focussed specific topic (e.g. using TEI P5 to mark up and 
exploit language corpora; manuscript materials; literary texts; whatever)

Assuming that others agree, the onlyheadache I perceive immediately will 
be the dates. LREC, the major European conference on language resources, 
runs from 23-27 May and I am already committed to attend it, as is 
Laurent. So the earlier week would be far preferable.

Many thanks for this opportunity, Chris!

  Next, we need to look at the dates.  I would propose to hold the
> workshop the day before the Council meeting.  That way, it can also
> function as an update and preparation for our meeting itself.  If we
> stay with Thursday/Friday for the Council meeting, this would mean to
> hold the workshop on the preceding Wednesday, for example May 17 or
> May 24 followed by Council meeting on May 18/19 or 25/26.  
> Please comment on the possibility of this according to your schedule.
> To get going with the preparations, we would need to fix the dates
> pretty soon.
> All the best -- looking forward to welcome you all here in Kyoto!
> Christian

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