[tei-council] summary of SO WG outputs

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Sun Jan 1 15:01:20 EST 2006

Syd Bauman wrote:

>* SO W 04 "Notes on Media formats and XPointer"
>  http://www.tei-c.org/Activities/SO/sow04.xml?style=printable
>  Last updated Fri, 17 Oct 03.
>  A useful paper by Chris Caton that basically recommends the use of
>  SVG and SMIL in TEI documents. I am sorry to report that this paper
>  has been almost completely ignored by Council, as I think the
>  approaches it recommends should at least be seriously considered and
>  debated.
>  Note: when Chris says that entities are depreciated, he means
>  attributes of type ENTITY, not entity references.
Entities of this kind are already "depreciated", inasmuchas we are 
supporting RelaxNG which doesnt have 'em!

I agree that this is a useful and interesting paper, with many sensible 
suggestions. I also think the revisions we've already made to <figure> 
would permit the inclusion of element from the SVG namespace easily 
enough: I'd be interested to know what Chris thinks about the addition 
of <bitmap>... maybe I'll ask him if I get the chance.

>* SO W 05 "Corpus Applications"
>  http://www.tei-c.org/Activities/SO/sow05.xml?style=printable
>  Last updated Thu, 06 Nov 03.
>  A somewhat incomplete paper that requires technical updating to
>  match current recommendations, that nonetheless deserves attention
>  as it offers advice on markup up various linguistic properties of
>  texts, particularly in the context of large corpora. The original
>  propose of this paper was to demonstrate the use of various
>  techniques described in the chapter on linking, segmentation, and
>  alignment, but I suspect a lot of the advice it gives should be in
>  the chapter on Language Corpora.
I must say that, when I first glanced through this document, the 
sentence "The concept of stand-off annotation was introduced in the 
Corpus Encoding Standard (CES) nearly a decade ago" made me splutter a 
little. However, it is certainly the case that the document contains 
some very useful additional material that we need to find a home for in 
either CC or SA or somewhere else entirely. It's very frustrating that 
it has so many gaps and unfinished chunks though. On internal evidence 
I'm assuming that Nancy Ide is the primary author -- is that correct?

>* SO W 06 "Stand-off Markup"
>  http://www.tei-c.org/Activities/SO/sow06.xml?style=printable
>  Last updated Tue, 06 May 03.
>  This is Fabio's paper on XInclude, which DD and I are currently in
>  the process of re-working and inserting into the chapter on linking,
>  segmentation, and alignment. 

So (some of) the text will be integrated into a new draft of SA? When?

>(I *think* this is probably the paper
>  Lou was referring to on the conference call, and I was just confused
>  that he was referring to something newer -- Lou, if Fabio has done
>  something since that I'm unaware of, please let me know.)
No, this is the paper which Fabio gave me the impression he thought had 
already been rolled into the text of P5.

>* SO W 07 "Graphs"
>  http://www.tei-c.org/Activities/SO/sow07.xml?style=printable
>  Last updated Fri, 02 May 03.
>  Also by Chris Caton, this paper analyzes how RDF might be used to
>  encode graphs (and therefore trees) instead of TEI-specific markup.
>  He basically encodes the example in P4 using mostly RDF. I just
>  noticed, however, that the colors in the examples are no longer
>  coming through.
Sorry, we're not doing P5 in colour!

The last time we suggested dropping the chapter on graphs and trees 
someone (I think it was on tei-l) got very shirty. Maybe we should ask 
whoever it was if they'd rather use RDF :-) But seriously, I am not sure 
what the recommendation is here: drop the existing TEI markup? 
supplement it with RDF? drop the whole concept?

>* SO W 09 "Basic working decisions on pointing and linking"
>  http://www.tei-c.org/Activities/SO/sow09.xml?style=printable
>  Last updated Sat, 02 Oct 04
>  On or about its conference call of 2004-03-29, Council requested
>  that the WG (i.e., DD) produce a summary document of its decisions
>  and recommendations so far, particularly in the area of XML's
>  ID/IDREF mechanism and W3C's XPointer Framework. This is that
>  summary document.
Did council ever discuss this document? I can't remember. We;ve been 
merrily proceeding on the assumption that it has both discussed and 
endorsed it, so I hope it did!

>* SO W 01 "Differences Between XPointer and the TEI Extended Pointer
>           Mechanism"
>  This document has been superseded by SO W 02
>* SO W 03 "Linking, Segmentation, and Alignment"
>  This document has been incorporated into P5.
>* SO W 08 "Canonical References"
>  This document has been incorporated into P5.
>In addition to the above papers, the WG has produced a proof-of-
>concept Perl program that converts TEI P4 extended pointer syntax to
>XPaths. I have not been able to run it for awhile, though, as the
>underlying library it depends on for parsing has changed. It is at
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