[tei-council] class struggle procedure suggestion

Syd Bauman Syd_Bauman at Brown.edu
Mon Jan 2 15:14:04 EST 2006

> >1. ED W 84 needs to be updated to reflect the current P5 
> This I [Lou] just did. (the script that generates it is in
> p5/Utilities/listcontentmodels.xsl in CVS)

Check, thanks. As Lou & Sebastian know, I initially had lots of
trouble when I tried to run that stylesheet. I have since gotten the
stylesheet to work, in that it generates XML output, but the HTML
that teihtml-teic.xsl generates form that is still not usable in that
most the links are wrong.

> I think the calls might be more productive if they were primed with
> a set of proposed changes. Or at least some suggested ones.

I guess we're suggesting going at it from opposite ends. I'd like the
call to be the place where the proposals are made, hammering out the
details via e-mail afterward. I gather your suggesting that the
initial proposals be made by e-mail beforehand, hammering out the
details on the call, yes?

> Any particular motivation for these groupings or this ordering?
> Just curious.

Not any really good ones. :-)
A few are similar-stuff groupings, and then what was left over just
grouped according to what (as a completely wild, unsubstantiated
guess) would fit into 1 call's worth.

> >* drama, tagdocs, linking
> these really look like obf to me!

What does "obf" mean?

> and terminology?

Oh, good point. My build of 2005-12-19 simply doesn't include
terminology, not sure why. (And that's what I used to generate the
list.) It's pretty clear that someone (LR?) has already been through
this chapter, applying the principles we used at the Class Committee
meeting in Oxford. So it probably does not need a lot of effort, and
could be tucked in most anywhere.

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