[tei-council] summary of SO WG outputs

Syd Bauman Syd_Bauman at Brown.edu
Mon Jan 2 16:21:40 EST 2006

> Entities of this kind are already "depreciated", inasmuchas we are
> supporting RelaxNG which doesnt have 'em!

RelaxNG supports ENTITY type attributes just the same way it supports
NMTOKEN type attributes: via the W3C Datatype Library.

> On internal evidence I'm assuming that Nancy Ide is the primary
> author [of SO W 05] -- is that correct?

I'm not sure who did more, Nancy Ide or Jean Carletta, but IIRC they
are the only ones who contributed substantive content. I'm not sure
why only Nancy is listed as the <author>; perhaps Jean did less than
I thought.

> So (some of) the text will be integrated into a new draft of SA?
> When?

I've a meeting with David scheduled for Friday, so ask me again on
Saturday :-)

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