[sixties-l] True Nature of Political Correctness Exposed

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Date: Mon Jan 13 2003 - 20:36:56 EST

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    Since the early 90s up to the present, the Oklahoma Daily, the OU newspaper, has been squeakily politically correct. In the early 90s, the lunatic gay columnist Mark Kerr was expressing hatred toward "snotty-nosed liberals" because of their mere "toleranace" toward homosexuality. He demanded more than just "tolerance." He wanted enthusiastic approval. By the late 90s gay columnists in the Daily were openly embracing the ridiculous myth that all heterosexuals are repressed bisexuals.

    Just last month proudly lesbian columnist Kristin Bain was quoting the criminally insane Andrea Dworkin as though Dworkin should be taken seriously. During the Monica affair, in the Guardian of London Dworkin called upon Hillary to kill the President, and said she should later be pardoned by Gore after he assumed office. Scroll down to her "modest proposal":


    Worshipping at the alter of "multicultural diversity," the Daily has scrupulously published columnists of every color, all spouting the same meaningless drivel. Further, throughout the 90s, until I single-handedly smashed it with my report to the State Regents, the Daily was unquestioningly promoting the false belief that "1 in 4" or "1 in 5" OU female students are raped or sexually assaulted:


    Now that we are confronted in a brutal way with the REAL issues of warfare and imperialism, the Daily is exposing for us the true nature of political correctness. In today's paper they inform us that OU police in the military reserves will go overseas to "protect the United States." We are all expected to cheer:


    Pseudo-left political correctness is a divisive ideology which serves the interests of the ruling class. It sets up gays, women, and "people of color" as the good guys and white heterosexual male (WHM) "patriarchs" as the enemy. Being unwelcome in the camp of the pseudo-left, to whom have many WHMs turned for emotional support?

    How many gays, females, and "people of color" in Iraq do you suppose will be massacred by US troops in the coming war, as we are being "protected"?

    -- Michael Wright
       Norman, Oklahoma

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