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Date: Fri Jul 19 2002 - 09:31:28 EDT

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    > Ron: One possibility is to have students go to LIFE magazines web
    site--I don't know the URL off the top of my head. I am pretty sure
    it allows the viewer to look at all of the Life's covers. Many of
    the covers are impressive from a photographic standpoint. In
    addition, they are arranged chronologically.
    YOurs, Peter Levy
    Dept. of History
    York College

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    > Colleagues:
    > I am putting together a 1960s photograph section for both
    > upper-division and survey classes in recent U.S. history. Can
    > any of you suggest 2 or 3 websites and 2 or 3 books (other
    > than the Hulton-Getty Collection and the American Memory www
    > page) that might have a substantial variety of such
    > photographs? Also, are you aware of any "year by year"
    > examinations of the 1960s. I'm looking for more than just the
    > usual rebellious stuff. Thanks in advance.
    > Tony Edmonds
    > Ball State University

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