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From: PNFPNF@aol.com
Date: Thu Nov 22 2001 - 00:01:20 EST

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    I much appreciate Ted Morgan's points regarding inability of some to see that
    searching for historic causes (re 911) is not the same as absolving the
    perpetrators of an act (eg 911). It is interesting that the more abstractly
    one puts this point, the more one difficulty would seem a traditional
    philosophical one of recognizing determinism and ethics are not inconsistent.
    Also relevant is this country's historical roots in Protestant individualism,
      In any case, responding in a way that can get through to persons who hear
    mention of history as absolving the 911 terrorists is utterly crucial now,
    for instance when one is leafleting; I would love to hear what has worked for
    any of you, in this regard.

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