[sixties-l] Re: The Prisons

From: Maggie Jaffe (mjaffe@mail.sdsu.edu)
Date: Wed Nov 21 2001 - 22:32:44 EST

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    Dear Sixties People:

    I would like to announce the publication of my new book called The
    Prisons. Informed by Piranesi's 1760 illustrations of the same name,
    as well as contemporary prison art, legal documents, found language
    and personal poems, The Prisons interrogates the dehumanization of
    incarceration and explores the intersections between confinement and
    the "free" world.

    H. Bruce Franklin wrote: "This book ought to come with warning
    labels: 'Danger! Explosive Material!'; 'Mind-Altering Substance -Use
    with Care'; and, most important of all, 'Do not be captured with this
    book in your possession.' The blazing vision of Maggie Jaffe's poems
    transforms America's prisons into a Book of Revelations for our

    And Howard Zinn said: Maggie Jaffe's poems have a rare power and
    beauty that says something profound about the world in which we live."

    The Prisons can be ordered from Amazon.com or from
    Small Press Distribution

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