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Date: Mon Nov 19 2001 - 18:42:41 EST

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    In other words, don't hold your breath.

    Got a good laugh at out of that forwarded post. If you're going to be
    tedious and dreary, the least you can do is be amusing. Mad Magazine and R.
    Crumb combined couldn't have done a better job of aping such cartoonish
    left-wing rhetoric. Made my day.

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    >October 4, 2001
    >When I'll Wave The Flag
    >By Marvin X <>
    >I'll wave the flag
    >When the trillions in reparations are paid to the
    > African American Nation
    >For 400 years of being terrorized in America
    >When the bill of the Middle Passage is paid
    >When the bill from the cotton fields is paid
    >I'll wave the flag
    >When the damages due the descendents of mass murder
    > is paid
    >Mass kidnapping
    >Mass rape
    >I'll wave the flag
    >When the police stop terrorizing us for breathing
    > while black
    >Walking while black
    >Loving while black
    >I'll wave the flag
    >When the 2 million men and women in prison are released
    > for petty crimes
    >And those guilty of stealing elections take their place
    > in the cells
    >I'll wave the flag
    >When those guilty of stealing labor, stealing energy,
    > stealing souls of the poor are jailed
    >I'll wave the flag
    >When those guilty of the miseducation of our children are
    > jailed for crimes against humanity
    >I'll wave the flag
    >When those who terrorize the earth, pollute the earth,
    > poison the food, the water, the air
    >Inject animals with hormones
    >Genetically alter vegetables and fruits
    >When these people are taken before the world court for
    > terrorizing the world
    >I'll wave the flag
    >Until then
    >Kiss my motherfuckin' ass.

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