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From: John Johnson (
Date: Sat Feb 03 2001 - 03:58:45 EST

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    >. However, solidarity movements have
    >many shortcomings and the role of us northerners should be to oppose US
    >intervention in all its forms--a big enough task in itself and one that
    >should keep paternalistic gringoes out of the business of deciding who is
    >more correct for the peasants and workers of Colombia.

    Yes solidarity movements have short comings. Why the major task for the US
    left should be conditions here. But your last statement is a bit of a
    crock. Paternalistic gringos ? Why the need for name calling?

    Sincere people, who support such struggles movements we might not know a
    lot should do so in a principled fashion. That is, yes we oppose US
    imperialism but no we do not necessarily support these movements
    uncritically. Way to many times US and European leftist have supported
    some movement only to be burned. To put themselves into question. Pol
    Pot, the Shinning Path, the Soviet Union. We certainly won't build a
    movement in this country if people see that we support basic violations
    of human rights in other countries.

    I have no problem supporting Cuba in its fight against US imperialism but I
    also have no problem in criticizing Cuba for its violations of human
    rights, when, at least to our satisfaction, they are true claims. The
    success or failure of Cuba does not depend on our uncritical support.

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