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From: Ronald M. Jacobs (
Date: Sun Feb 04 2001 - 08:36:57 EST

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    Sorry, John, I just let my fingers get away from me--you're right, there
    is no need for name calling.

    On Sat, 3 Feb 2001, John Johnson wrote:

    > >. However, solidarity movements have
    > >many shortcomings and the role of us northerners should be to oppose US
    > >intervention in all its forms--a big enough task in itself and one that
    > >should keep paternalistic gringoes out of the business of deciding who is
    > >more correct for the peasants and workers of Colombia.
    > Yes solidarity movements have short comings. Why the major task for the US
    > left should be conditions here. But your last statement is a bit of a
    > crock. Paternalistic gringos ? Why the need for name calling?
    > Sincere people, who support such struggles movements we might not know a
    > lot should do so in a principled fashion. That is, yes we oppose US
    > imperialism but no we do not necessarily support these movements
    > uncritically. Way to many times US and European leftist have supported
    > some movement only to be burned. To put themselves into question. Pol
    > Pot, the Shinning Path, the Soviet Union. We certainly won't build a
    > movement in this country if people see that we support basic violations
    > of human rights in other countries.
    > I have no problem supporting Cuba in its fight against US imperialism but I
    > also have no problem in criticizing Cuba for its violations of human
    > rights, when, at least to our satisfaction, they are true claims. The
    > success or failure of Cuba does not depend on our uncritical support.
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