[sixties-l] Query on Sexual Revolution

From: hischnei (hischnei@ruby.indstate.edu)
Date: Fri Jan 26 2001 - 17:31:21 EST

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    Sixties List Members: I have taught a course on the 1960s at Indiana
    State University called "The Sixties: Counterculture and Protest" for
    more than six years. The one area I have trouble finding good readings
    (either primary or secondary) is the sexual revolution. By sexual
    revolution I don't just mean hippies but the change in mores in this era
    from miniskirts and Playboy to Masters and Johnson and the singles and
    disco scene. I have used selections from Stephanie Coontz's book "The
    Way We Never Were" with some success but am stumped for other reading
    suitable for undergraduates in a general education class. I am also
    wondering if there is a broader interpretive work I can use to help
    conceptualize the sexual revolution.

    Does anyone out there have suggestions?

    Rich Schneirov
    Dept of History
    Indiana State University

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