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Date: Mon Jan 29 2001 - 08:43:10 EST

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    A few suggestions for covering the sexual revolution. Beth Bailey's
    "Sexual Revolution(s)," is a very nice introduction to the subject. It
    can be found in, David Farber, ed., THE SIXTIES: FROM MEMORY TO
    HISTORY. I have a number of primary source readings on the sexual
    revolution in my documentary history, AMERICA IN THE SIXTIES: RIGHT,
    LEFT AND CENTER (Praeger 1998), including pieces by Hugh Heffner and
    Helen Gurley Brown, who sought a sexual revolution but not radical
    change. Also of interest in the same collection are Carl Davidson's
    "Gay Manifesto," and William Buckley's "Linda's Crusade," in which
    Buckley criticizes Barnard College for refusing to enforce its rule
    against coeds living off campus with their boyfriends. Students are
    surprised to find out how stickt schools were in terms of personal
    Yours, Peter Levy, Dept. of History, York College

    hischnei wrote:
    > Sixties List Members: I have taught a course on the 1960s at Indiana
    > State University called "The Sixties: Counterculture and Protest" for
    > more than six years. The one area I have trouble finding good readings
    > (either primary or secondary) is the sexual revolution. By sexual
    > revolution I don't just mean hippies but the change in mores in this era
    > from miniskirts and Playboy to Masters and Johnson and the singles and
    > disco scene. I have used selections from Stephanie Coontz's book "The
    > Way We Never Were" with some success but am stumped for other reading
    > suitable for undergraduates in a general education class. I am also
    > wondering if there is a broader interpretive work I can use to help
    > conceptualize the sexual revolution.
    > Does anyone out there have suggestions?
    > Rich Schneirov
    > Dept of History
    > Indiana State University

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