Re: [sixties-l] Bedtime for Democracy

Date: 12/31/00

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    << On one thing, you're a little premature. With Bush' cabinet
    nominees, the reductions in social programs thus far will look like mere 
    blips. >>
    Absolutely to the point  Bill, this would-be Junta is very right-wing indeed. 
    The Democrats better take it on and stop it from happening - for all our 
    sakes - including their own. To allow the extreme right to control the 
    Justice department is to invite repression against themselves.  The Bush 
    administration will use its legal power (against us and the mainstream 
    Democrats) to insure a Bush second term. Of course there are a million other 
    reasons to oppose this cabinet but perhaps Democratic Party self interest 
    will prove the greatest inspiration.
    Stew -

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