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From: Ted Morgan (
Date: 12/31/00

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    > Re:
    > I am an English student studying at Loughborough University, England and
    > I am writing an essay on the representaion of America's enemies within
    > the last century.  I would appreciate any help that you could give me on
    > the subject; information such as the official propaganda used during the
    > war, how the American goverment attempted to coerce a nation into hating
    > the Vietnamese people?
    > Please send any information you may have to
    > Thankyou for your time
    > Yours Sincerly
    > Daniel Hodgson
    A general source that would be good is Sam Keen's film (and book), "Faces of
    the Enemy" which is about such "enemies" propaganda generally, with segments
    on US WWII propaganda against the Japanese, and anti-Soviet &
    anti-Vietnamese propaganda, along with a short interview with a vet about
    his reconciliation experiences with the Vietnamese post-war.  It's good,
    Re. US distortions on the Vietnam war generally see the work of Noam Chomsky
    --which, of course, is voluminous.  Check out his seminal American Power and
    the New Mandarins for the way American liberal intellectuals systematically
    distorted the whole Vietnamese intervention (to say nothing of other Cold
    War interventions), and of his many pieces on post-war "re-legitimation" of
    the war, see essays like "The Remaking of History" and "On the Aggression of
    South Vietnamese Peasants against the United States" (both in Towards a New
    Cold War), and his essay on "Visions of Righteousness" (appearing among
    other places in Unwinding the Vietnam War, ed. Reese Williams).
    Ted Morgan

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