Re: [sixties-l] Bedtime for Democracy

From: William M. Mandel (
Date: 01/02/01

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    Stew: Your last sentence says you're dreaming. Read the daily papers. Who in the
    Democratic Party is opposing confirmation? Jesse Jackson, who speaks for
    essentially a single constituency. My Left friends will sneer, but Jackson is,
    for better or for worse, the best we have in this country in terms of mass
    leadership able to cross race lines, on his record far better in that last regard
    than Nader.
        The Democratic senators want cushy appointments when they're done, so they
    puruse the tradition of "courtesy," -- read log-rolling -- toward former senators
    like Ashcroft. They have got to be forced to filibuster, forced to defeat cloture
    of filibuster, for which they have the votes. The only way to do it is to make
    clear to them that if they don't, people who voted Democratic in the last
    election will support independent candidates to defeat them in the next, even if
    it means electing Republicans. What the hell difference does it make? Lick Bork,
    and vote UNANIMOUSLY for Scalia? Gimme a break. Or rather, gimme some
    old-fashioned Yippie shenanigans to expose this fraud.
                                                        Bill Mandel wrote:
    > In a message dated 12/31/0 5:28:47 AM, writes:
    > << On one thing, you're a little premature. With Bush' cabinet
    > nominees, the reductions in social programs thus far will look like mere
    > blips. >>
    > ----
    > Absolutely to the point  Bill, this would-be Junta is very right-wing indeed.
    > The Democrats better take it on and stop it from happening - for all our
    > sakes - including their own. To allow the extreme right to control the
    > Justice department is to invite repression against themselves.  The Bush
    > administration will use its legal power (against us and the mainstream
    > Democrats) to insure a Bush second term. Of course there are a million other
    > reasons to oppose this cabinet but perhaps Democratic Party self interest
    > will prove the greatest inspiration.
    > Stew -

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