Re: [sixties-l] Coup and Protests

From: William M. Mandel (
Date: 12/30/00

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    The phrase "stole...fair and square" is Theodore Roosevelt's and the words in the
    ellipsis were "the Panama Canal."
        At this moment the job versus Bush is not a quixotic denying him the
    legitimacy of his rule, but of forcing him to confront a real situation: do his
    horrible cabinet nominations, particularly in the domestic sphere, get confirmed
    or not? The Democrats in Washington have the votes to deny confirmation. They
    already gave Bush the presidency when they unanimously voted in favor of Scalia
    to be a justice of the Supreme Court. They can begin to correct that by slapping
    down his nominees, and if need be replacement nominees, until Bush names people
    we can live with. That's how the Republicans acted to beat Lani Guinier and
    others, and how they acted to steal the election in Florida: tough. Let the
    Democrats show some backbone. And let those liberal Gore voters who have been
    damning us who had already had enough and voted for Nader now show us whether or
    not they were right by demanding of their boys (and girls) in Washington that
    they not accept a non-compassionate conservative cabinet.
    Bill Mandel wrote:
    > Chiming in -- for fun and the sake of provocation, I've been calling the Bush
    > s/election a "legal" coup, which works for me.  A friend invoked an
    > oxymoronic phrase from childhood -- "He stole the election fair and square."
    > One goal for the left would be to deny Bush, as best and as long as one can,
    > a sense of the legitimacy of his rule -- message: You didn't win sh*t and
    > you're not OUR president -- while continuing to question the legitimacy and
    > functionality of American "democracy," which seems to grow weaker every day.
    > And take heart, left coasters -- there are inauguration day protests planned
    > for DC that should get people from at least all over the east coast; no sense
    > of how big, but we'll be there.

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