[sixties-l] Coup and Protests

From: Jvaron@aol.com
Date: 12/22/00

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    Chiming in -- for fun and the sake of provocation, I've been calling the Bush 
    s/election a "legal" coup, which works for me.  A friend invoked an 
    oxymoronic phrase from childhood -- "He stole the election fair and square." 
    One goal for the left would be to deny Bush, as best and as long as one can, 
    a sense of the legitimacy of his rule -- message: You didn't win sh*t and 
    you're not OUR president -- while continuing to question the legitimacy and 
    functionality of American "democracy," which seems to grow weaker every day.
    And take heart, left coasters -- there are inauguration day protests planned 
    for DC that should get people from at least all over the east coast; no sense 
    of how big, but we'll be there.

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