[sixties-l] Fwd: Call for Essays: Social Justice Movements and the Internet

From: radman (resist@best.com)
Date: 12/20/00

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    >Date: Tue, 19 Dec 2000
    >From: Anne Hieber <watkinsr@usfca.edu>
    >Subject: Call for Essays: Social Justice Movements and the Internet
    >Call for Papers
    >Special Issue:  Social Justice Movements and the Internet
    >Editors: Bernadette Barker-Plummer and Dorothy Kidd, University of San
    >Writers Deadline: April 1, 2001
    >Peace Review Journal, an international and multidisciplinary journal of
    >peace, social justice and human rights, is seeking papers for a special
    >issue on Social Justice Movements and the Internet.
    >The Internet has been hailed as a new and potentially radical force for
    >social change movements. It seems to offer the ability to connect, share
    >information, communicate, publish, and organize more cheaply and quickly
    >than ever before. But is the Net really a significant force for progressive
    >political practice? How are social justice movements using the Net and with
    >what results?
    >In this issue of Peace Review we are seeking essays, case studies, and
    >critical assessments that address the role(s) --potential and actual -- of
    >the Internet in progressive political practice.
    >Topics might include, but are not restricted to:
    >o Case studies of the role(s) of the Internet in social justice campaigns -
    >e.g. the IMF protests in Washington and Prague, the MAI protests in Europe,
    >the WTO protest in Seattle, the international campaign of dockers, the
    >Zapatista uprising in Mexico and so on.
    >o The use of the Net by established public interest or social movement groups.
    >o Historical assessments of the net's role in social change.
    >o Internet access issues. Who is able to access and use the Net in
    >organizing and who cannot?
    >o The political economy of the net - e.g. how do the military underpinnings
    >of the net and the increasing commercial presence there affect its
    >potential as a social change resource?
    >o Understanding Cyber -movements. What is Cyberfeminism? Or Cyber-Leninism?
    >How do we understand movements that exist on the net as their primary
    >o Analyses of movements to democratize the Net itself - e.g. the Free
    >Software Movement and the Open Code movement
    >o Labor patterns and labor organization among Net and information workers
    >Dorothy Kidd or Bernadette Barker-Plummer (Editors)
    >Department of Media Studies
    >University of San Francisco
    >2130 Fulton Street
    >San Francisco
    >CA 94117
    >(415) 422 6680
    >Peace Review is a transnational journal distributed in more than 40
    >nations. It is intended for a wide readership both inside and outside of
    >academia and across the peace and social justice movements, so please try
    >to avoid speaking in the voice of any particular national culture or
    >politics and avoid unnecessary jargon. We seek short (maximum 3500 words),
    >readable essays.
    >Manuscripts (2 copies, double-spaced) MUST be sent BOTH on paper and on
    >computer disk using Microsoft Word or WordPerfect or text format to:
    >Dorothy Kidd or Bernadette Barker-Plummer (Editors)
    >Department of Media Studies
    >University of San Francisco
    >2130 Fulton Street
    >San Francisco
    >CA 94117
    >Include a 1-2 sentence professional biography of yourself, and your email
    >address, if available. Manuscripts and disks cannot be returned.
    >When writing your Essays, please observe the following: (1) We need a short
    >title--we do NOT run titles divided by a colon. (2) We do not run figures
    >or tables but can run drawings or photos. (3) We do not run subheadings but
    >we do make periodic breaks in the text using drop-caps (in the style of
    >literary journals). To indicate where you would like breaks, skip an extra
    >line in the text. (4) We do not run footnotes or endnotes but we do print
    >"Recommended Readings" at the end of each essay, if the author so desires.
    >It should be a short list, and appear in the following format:
    >Parkin, Sara. 1994. The Life and Death of Petra Kelly. London: Pandora.
    >Fagan, Richard R. 1983. "Theories of Development." Monthly Review
    >(September): 1324.
    >Tunnell, Kenneth D. 1992. "Worker Insurgency and Social Control," in
    >Jeffrey Ian Ross (ed.), Violence in Canada. Toronto: Oxford University Press.
    >All essays run in the journal will be thoroughly edited to meet our
    >requirements for style, length, and good English. If your essay needs
    >extensive editing, we will ask you to resubmit it. If your essay needs less
    >editing, and if we can edit it without changing the essay's meaning, we
    >will assume you are inviting us to do so. We cannot return your edited
    >essay for your approval. Papers accepted become the copyright of the
    >Journal, unless otherwise specifically agreed.
    >Fifty offprints of each essay accepted for publication, together with a
    >complete copy of the relevant journal issue, will be sent to the senior
    >We welcome correspondence, and will publish short letters. We also want to
    >recommend good new books, and distributors of good, progressive videos, and
    >will publish favorable short reviews--not more than 800 words each. We also
    >publish "Peace Profiles" comprised of short biographies of distinguished
    >peace activists, broadly defined, from around the world.
    >Peace Review subscriptions are 28 dollars US or 27 pounds EU for
    >individuals, and 60 dollars US or 48 pounds EU for libraries/institutions.
    >You may pay by check or credit card, and can secure a subscription form
    >from any of the following:
    >Carfax Publishing Company,
    >PO Box 25
    >Abingdon, Oxfordshire
    >  OX14 3UE
    >Ph. 44 (0)1235 521154   Fax: 44 (0)1235 553559
    >Carfax Publishing Company,
    >875-81 Mass. Ave.
    >MA 02139
    >Ph. 1 800 354 1420      Fax: 1 617 354 6875 (US and Canada)
    >Carfax Publishing Company,
    >PO Box 352,
    >NSW 2062
    >Ph. 61 (0)2 958 2376
    >Best Wishes,
    >Anne Hieber
    >Managing Editor
    >Peace Review
    >SUBSCRIPTIONS:  Peace Review subscriptions are US$60 or EU39 for
    >individuals and US$274 or EU172 for libraries/ institutions.  A special
    >discount price, US$30, is available for individuals belonging to
    >international peace associations and peace research organizations.  For
    >more information on subscribing email:  sales@carfax.co.uk

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