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Date: 12/15/00

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    Stew Albert writes some very smart stuff. But it really pollutes our
    understanding and ability to fight back to call this a "coup." This is of a
    piece (I don't accuse Stew of these things) with, "Blacks live in slavery,"
    "fascism has come to the US," etc. I share the feeling behind such
    statements, but they cloud our minds.
    Jesse Lemisch
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    > A coup is a coup is a coup. Do you really think Bush won the vote in
    > and his lawyers were just passionately devoted to abstract legal
    > Do you really think there wasn't a systematic effort made to disqualify
    > eligible Black voters? Do you really think those old Jewish voters who
    > for help and were turned down by officials - were turned down in the name
    > a love for rules ?- if so why were rule breaking Republicans allowed to
    > repair Republican requests for absentee ballots elsewhere? Do you think
    > doesn't kind of feel bad that he lost the national election by 320,000
    > And do you think that the five Republicans on the Supreme Court - two with
    > direct ties to the Bush campaign did not know who buttered their bread?
    >    Some stuff like this did happen in the 19th century - but as for 1960 -
    > the Chicago political machine really determined the outcome of the
    election -
    > why didn't Nixon complain? Please don't tell me it was because of his
    > selfless patriotism -- Stew Albert

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