[sixties-l] A Very American Coup

From: StewA@aol.com
Date: 12/14/00

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    Pinochet to Bush - Coups then and Now
    by Stew Albert  
        The Gore v Bush post-election was infinitely more exciting and 
    significant than the actual contest.  Who would have thought that such a 
    boring and manipulated competition would culminate in an American style, 
    Supreme Court certified coup d^etat.
        It like the Chilean coup minus bloodshed. The Republicans did not order 
    an air raid against  Clinton^s White House. After four years of trying to 
    overthrow his government, the right-wing settled on a blow job and the 
    President^s unfortunate effort to conceal the stain. They failed to kick him 
    out. Clinton^s ugly behavior was too ordinary for a successful impeachment.  
        Fixing the presidential election was the next best step. All the 
    predictions said the race was close with Bush enjoying a slight lead. A 
    little rigging here, a little calling in some favors  there, and the deed 
    would be done. The main objective in Florida, was too screw the Blacks and 
    Jews who would be voting for Gore. A neat trick would be to fool them in to 
    choosing the candidate they most hated, Pat Buchanan. And then let^s get a 
    lot of Blacks kicked off the voting  rolls because they might be felons, make 
    ^Black while voting^ a crime, why don^t we?
        Election day was a drag for ^W^. He lost in the popular vote by three 
    hundred thousand and he didn^t do that well Florida. True, Jeb swindled all 
    those old Jews and felonious Blacks, in to actually voting for Buchanan!  But 
    when all was said and done the Republican pollsters must have had Gore ahead. 
    The uncounted ballots would favor the Democrat. Why else would Bush scream so 
    loud against a true count?   Gore offered him a state wide recount and he 
    turned it down. He knew he lost. Why else was the Bush family calling in 
    Godfather  type  favors from five Supreme Court Justices? Too hell with with 
    court and its good reputation - the Bush family was taking over the Oval 
    Office and that is now a fine place for fellatio, even by five justices in 
    Black robes.
        I was in Chile during the Allende period and so much of what has been 
    going on here  recalls that nation^s political agony. The resemblance dawned 
    on me when the Republicans began accusing Gore of  trying to steal the 
    election. The Chilean right wingers accused Allende of plotting a coup 
    against the constitution. No such thing was true - it was they and the CIA 
    who were plotting to spill blood on democracy. It^s and old Company trick to 
    accuse your enemy of what you yourself are planing.  And it wasn^t Gore but 
    Bush who was running down Florida^s streets with the purloined election in 
    his shaking hands.
        The Chilean resemblance comes again by way of how all the Republicans 
    lined up with Bush. Was there a single Republican official anywhere in 
    America who said ^Hey now, a fair vote count  is more important than us 
    winning.^ If such a Republican exists, I never heard of him. And so in Chile 
    all the centrist parties who claimed an undying love of democracy, supported 
    the military coup.
        Consider the right wing Cubans paid by the Republicans, who rioted and 
    stopped the vote count in Dade County. How many CIA favors did the Bush 
    family call in? The CIA also organized anti-Allende riots in Chile. They 
    sabotaged the economy in the same manner that the Republicans sabotaged the 
    vote count.
        And finally we have the Supreme Court. In Chile the top court declared 
    the coup legal and Pinochet president. Our highest court has returned the 
        Ah, but the reader will say, ^there are no military in the streets, no 
    round-ups, no murders in stadiums. No there aren^t. Not this time. But this 
    is our first coup, tell me why it will be our last.

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