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From: William M. Mandel (wmmmandel@earthlink.net)
Date: 12/14/00

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    "William M. Mandel" wrote:
    > There are many nuances to the Black-Asian tension. Overall,
    > African-Americans, knowing that their forebears were brought here
    > involuntarily, find that it's hard enough to get and compete for jobs,
    > housing, whatever, with whites, without having to deal with
    > "foreigners." This is no different from skinhead attitudes among
    > whites, toward Blacks, Asians, Jews, you name it.
    >     As to the to-hell-with-the-customer attitude, I wonder if that
    > isn't a worldwide pre-capitalist attitude amont merchants. It is
    > evident among East Indian merchants here, and it was evident across
    > the Soviet Union among salespeople, regardless of ethnicity.
    > Bill Mandel
    > Pat164@aol.com wrote:
    >> What's the talk tomorrow?  I remember that a couple of months ago
    >> you sent me
    >> an enormous e-mail containing schedules of all sorts of stuff.  But
    >> it got
    >> buried somewhere when I had to make this place look spiffy to put it
    >> on the
    >> market.  I have now sold it and gone to contract -- perhaps just in
    >> the nick
    >> of time given the economic slowdown.
    >> I found that piece on black rascism very interesting.  Much truth in
    >> it,
    >> particularly the reluctance of lefty types -- and blacks -- to
    >> acknowledge
    >> that rascism (although everyone knows about black rascism toward
    >> Jews).  I'm
    >> just suspicious of the AE source.   There is no attempt by the
    >> writer to
    >> explain the reasons for the anti-Korean feelings among blacks.  I
    >> remember a
    >> long piece somewhere, when that boycott in Brooklyn was going on,
    >> about the
    >> Confucion tradition in Korean society which places family at the
    >> center of
    >> its social organization.  Anyone who is not of your family doesn't
    >> at all in
    >> your sense of civic responsibility or concern.  Certainly I've heard
    >> compl
    >> aints on my own pretty liberal west side about the Korean green
    >> grocers and
    >> how hard nosed they are toward us customers; they make it clear that
    >> they
    >> dont' give a damn about us or our neighborhood where just about
    >> everyone
    >> treats them with civility and stealing is surely a rarity.  After
    >> the
    >> Brooklyn business, as I'm sure you recall, there was an effort by
    >> the Korean
    >> business associations to make its shopkeepers a little kinder and
    >> warmer and
    >> more understanding to their customers in general, and in black areas
    >> specifically.   My point being that the AE guy didn't address
    >> blacks'
    >> complaints.
    >> Anyway, what's the talk tomorrow?  I'm up for something that will
    >> take me out
    >> of this house where I've been cooped up with several deadlines for
    >> over a
    >> week.  Pat

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