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From: RozNews@aol.com
Date: 12/10/00

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    <radman     resist@best.com>
    I just want to let you know that you send   interesting, relivant,  and 
    important documentation into this sixties list.  I use it in my classes and 
    in my files.  YOu stick to the point of The Sixties  .   I usually  learn 
    something new.  Can you let this list know something about you and your work, 
    or just write back to me.
    Thanks Roz Payne   (roznews@aol.com)
    PS.   I get real sick of lots of the boys on this list who think they have to 
    explain everything  and are experts about so many things.  They go on and on 
    This is a sixties list not a year 2000 election  list.    I have CNN on all 
    day , use it as a radio.   I talk to my friends and foes about the election 
    and read.  This is a sixties list can you guys keep it to this.   I don't 
    even bother to read lots of stuff when certain names send info in.   I 
    understand why some folks leave.  Why don't some of you guys take a break for 
    a month and see what happens to this list.  It might do you and us some good.
    My best,  Roz Payne

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