[sixties-l] 'Letting it all hang out'

From: John Dougill (dougill@mbox.kyoto-inet.or.jp)
Date: 12/11/00

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    At some time in the sixties it became the done thing to let it all hang out.
    Being repressed or inhibited was a crime for those who thought of themselves
    as progressive or hip, in marked contrast and reaction to the mores of the
    1950s.  The notion had a huge influence on personal behaviour, and I'm
    wondering where it came from.  I presume from the work of psychiatrists, but
    why did the notion of letting it all hang out become so big in the  sixties
    in particular and not earlier.  Was there an influential populariser, and
    does anyone know where the popular talk of 'hang-ups' 'complexes'
    'repressed' etc originated?  Californian therapists?  Who for example?
    Thanks for any thoughts on the subject
    John Dougill
    > PS.   I get real sick of lots of the boys on this list who think they have to
    > explain everything  and are experts about so many things.
    Whining for no reason may be just as sick.  It's no big deal to read what
    you want and skip the rest....

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