[sixties-l] Re: Israel etc.

From: PNFPNF@aol.com
Date: 12/09/00

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    Jeff--you are correct, you misinterpreted at least some of my point.  I 
    definitely did not mean that the Israel attack on the US ship was something 
    trivial, but that I find recurrent incidents or patterns of violence are 
    likely to tell us more of more significance.  In any case, I thought this an 
    interesting point of forgotten history, as I think I mentioned.  
      As for your more serious point--re whether we should just stand around 
    while the US still arms Israel, etc.--no no no, my point is, we need 1) 
    instead of just critiquing, to forge alliances and support for the 
    progressive and pro-peace groups among Israelis (and Arab Palestinians), 2) 
    and to genuinely feel for the people concerned. I think I've posted these 
    points before, actually.

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