Re: [sixties-l] Re: Nader Fiasco

From: Jeffrey Blankfort (
Date: 11/30/00

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    I wish to second Carroll's point, invariably overlooked since it seems
    to be beyond our political horizons, concerning the disastrous effects
    of US policies, not to mention the costs of maintaining our comfortable
    standard of living, on the Global South. 
    Jeff Blankfort
    Carrol Cox wrote:
    > "William M. Mandel" wrote:
    > > I agree with your point but not your documentation. The Republicans and
    > > Democrats are not Hitler and Goebbels. I am not speaking of the degree
    > > of difference, but the difference between capitalist democracy and
    > > fascism. Under the latter, we'd be in jail and tortured, maybe shot, for
    > > these messages.
    > >
    > My emphasis was on degree of difference. But as I have now said in another
    > post, if we look at the Third Reich or the U.S. *not* from the perspective
    > of
    > their *domestic* policy but from the perspective of the rest of the world,
    > Bush and Gore are really worse, for two reasons: (1) the far greater power
    > of the U.S. and (2) capitalist democracy is part of that power. Democracy
    > has always been a more efficient system than dictatorship for ruling an
    > empire. Certainly the U.S. is killing (directly and indirectly) far more
    > people
    > around the world and causing far more misery than Hitler was ever
    > capable of inflicting.
    > Subscribers to this list should really be more capable of looking at the
    > U.S.
    > from the outside. I know it's comfortable to live here (unless you are black
    > in South Chicago, etc). But is that the main perspective on any "great"
    > nation?
    > Carrol

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