[sixties-l] The future meaning of this electoral crux

From: Michael Rossman (mrossman@igc.org)
Date: 11/30/00

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    It seems neither a coincidence, nor a simple irony, that this national moment
    of perfect, tepid indecision comes as a climax to a process of convergence,
    proceeding now for generations, between the two (official) poles of our
    bipartisan system. (Please, friends, spare us pontification about the "radical
    differences" between putative Gore and Bush futures, in deference to longer
    Might this be _the_ climax to this process? I suspect that in fifty years, our
    children will be able to look back on this as the time when this convergence
    began seriously to reverse, as the two-party system came finally to implode
    and open to metamorphosis, via such reforms as proportional representation and
    prioritized voting. In view of this dynamic, proceeding and pending, it seems
    to me that action and committment to revitalizing the two-party system as such
    - which of course is what further and future support of the Democratic Party,
    even by "subversion from within", amounts to -- is fundamentally mistaken and
    counter-progressive, however worthy may be the immediate goals.
    	Michael Rossman  <mrossman@igc.org>

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