Re: [sixties-l] In Vietnam, Clinton Is a Hero for His

From: Jeffrey Blankfort (
Date: 11/17/00

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    Clinton's self-projection as an anti-Vietnam war protester was embraced
    by Democratic baby boomers without a shred of evidence that he ever
    publicly protested that I am aware of. One story that he circulated was
    that he had organized a protest at the US Embassy in Grosvenor's Square
    in London while he was attending the London School of Economics. I was
    in London at the time and was well acquainted with the main US
    expatriates who organized it, and Bill Clinton wasn't one of them.  In
    fact, it was apparent that he wasn't even there. I took many photographs
    of the protest, which wasn't that large, hoping to find a picture of
    Clinton to match his appearance at the time.  There was no one who
    remotely looked like him. During Clinton's first administration, a
    letter writer to the editor confirmed my conclusion. It stands to reason
    that if Clinton had been there one of the many photographs taken by the
    press would have been published over the years.  If someone has some
    evidence that Clinton was anything but a wily draft dodger, it would be appreciated.
    Jeff Blankfort
    radman wrote:
    > In Vietnam, Clinton Is a Hero for His Anti-War Protest Days
    >     When President Bill Clinton arrives in Hanoi this week as the first
    >     U.S. president to visit Vietnam since the fall of Saigon, he will be
    >     warmly welcomed in part because of a decision he has spent his entire
    >     political career trying to live down: avoiding the war.
    >     <>

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