Re: [sixties-l] The Sixties discussion at Barnard last night

From: Carrol Cox (
Date: 11/16/00

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    radman wrote:
    > The issue of the utility or lack thereof of involving
    > oneself in the electoral process is another issue that
    > resounds today. I am sure many people involved in the
    > Nader Campaign might have been involved in the Robert
    > Kennedy/McCarthy/McGovern efforts of that era. Some of
    > the very same issues arise today and a thoughtful back
    > and forth on them is important.
    I don't think this parallel holds (or rather, perhaps, I wish it did
    not). The Kennedy / McCarthy / McGovern efforts reflected the belief
    that the Democratic Party could be (or could be twisted to be) an agent
    of progressive politics. The Jackson campaign of 1988 was also,
    officially, based on that premise, but many of us who took part in it
    did so only for the political relationships opened up by it, not by any
    hope that the Democratic Party (or even Jackson himself as a Democrat)
    could become a progressive agency. And while many in the Nader campaign
    probably did think much as those who supported McCarthy, many others
    certainly thought of it as only one step in a long process of destroying
    the Democratic Party as the chief political agent of U.S. imperialism.

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