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Date: 11/17/00

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    The NY Times Sunday Magazine had an article a long time ago that confirms
    recollection. It was about Americans at Oxford who were part of Clinton's
    One of Clinton's friends was a draft resister. He was described as the moral
    beacon of Clinton's class.
    If I recall the article, and this is from memory, he later committed suicide.
    Clinton, I recall, was against the war
    but not an activist -- except in the imagination of the American right wing. He
    was, as Jeff says, a draft dodger,
    -- and an opportunistic one -- which was different -- politically and morally
    -- from being a resister. 
    More recently, I received one of those e-mails that go around the internet for
    years (this one
    circulated among right-wingers) that accused Hillary Clinton of being one of
    the lead lawyers
    (and the mastermind of the legal strategy!!!) for the Black Panthers. As a Yale
    law student
    she may have done some research for the defense, but certainly would not have
    had a leading role
    as the document charged. (New Yorkers: did this come up in her Senate
    One of the strange and disorienting facts about the American political culture
    is that in 
    Republican eyes, the Clinton's were and are left-wing activists.
    Marty Jezer
    Jeff wrote:
    snip snip ....  >If someone has some evidence that Clinton was anything but a
    wily draft dodger, it would be 
    >Jeff Blankfort
    >radman wrote:
    >> In Vietnam, Clinton Is a Hero for His Anti-War Protest Days
    >>     When President Bill Clinton arrives in Hanoi this week as the first
    >>     U.S. president to visit Vietnam since the fall of Saigon, he will be
    >>     warmly welcomed in part because of a decision he has spent his entire
    >>     political career trying to live down: avoiding the war.
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