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From: Michael Garrison (
Date: 11/11/00

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    I remember this film talked about at the Free University of New York.  It
    was produced before my time there and had some connection, did it not, with
    the Free School?  I was under the impression that it won some kind of an
    award for student/youth film-making.  It was one of the library of films
    that members took around the country  with them for showings.  Others were
    Vietnamese films brought home by Staughten Lynd from his trip to
    North-Vietnam.  I took these films to St. Louis once and to Toronto and
    "teach-ins".   Perhaps someone associated with the Free U. such as Walter
    Taegue or Sharon Krebs might know where a copy is.  Were they saved  when
    the Free U. broke up?
    When I was on the plane to St. Louis I was working on the translated script
    from one of the Vietnamese films (Vietnamese to French, French to English)
    that needed some "americanization" and was sitting next to a well-dressed
    middle aged woman who was also working on a script/speech.  Soon we were,
    like airplane travelers frequently do, reading each others work out of the
    corners of our eyes.  Lo and behold, my seatmate was Phyllis Sheffley, on
    her way to be inducted as head of the Republican Women!  And here I was,
    with "enemy" propaganda under my seat, heading for a University gathering in
    America's heartland.  I would like to say we had some kind of a
    heart-to-heart but it went more like this:  "Phyllis", I said, "I'm a member
    of the Viet-Cong so don't give me any of your shit, lets have a quiet ride
    and get our work done...its gonna be a long war and we both have our jobs to
    do."  "I have nothing to say to you", she said, and we settled in for the
    rest of the flight.  Mike Garrison,

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