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Date: 11/11/00

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    Date: Fri, 10 Nov 2000 16:57:41 EST
    From: RozNews@aol.com
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    Subject: Dog Burning at Noon
    This event or a similar event happened in NYC.  Newsreel made a film of it , 
    that somehow i can not find.  We called it   Dog Burning at Noon.  It was an 
    excellent Yippie event. Im looking for a copy of the film if anyone out there 
    knows about it.  
    >  I certainly hope no *real* dog burnings ever took place "against the
    >war," but I really don't know.
    No Dog was ever burned.  It is a great action to use now , especially with 
    all the Texas executions.   This past October  I wanted to  have a Dog 
    Burning  as part of a human rights film festival in Burlington  that had a 
    special section on Executions.     but got out voted.       roz
    > >
    >This legend is based on a press conference
    >Abbie Hoffman once held on the steps of the
    >Massachusetts state house in boston. He had
    >a cute golden retriever, a container of "lighter
    >fluid" and a box of matches. He announced to
    >the press that in protest of the war he would
    >set the dog on fire. People were apparently
    >stunned as he took the "lighter fluid" (it had
    >been emptied of flammable material and replaced
    >with water) doused the dog as he pet it and
    >commented on how cute it was, and then stepped
    >back and lit a match.
    >The reporters started screaming, "No Abbie, don't
    >do it! Don't!"
    >Then he confessed it was water in the "lighter
    >fluid" container, doused the match with it, and
    >said, "see, you care more about the life of that
    >dog than about the children in Vietnam."

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