[sixties-l] Let's Not Be Fooled

From: Allen Cohen (sforacle@hooked.net)
Date: 11/12/00

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    My father used to tell me, "always keeep your eye on the ball." I think as a
    country now we are are being diverted from the real problem in American
    politics and it isn't the electoral college - a very close race will always
    bring calls for a recount even if it was a direct popular election. The real
    problem is campaign financing - 3 billion dollars were spent keeping all but
    the two corporately backed parties from real contention for national office.
    Debate on major issues was ignored or distorted and the diversity of ideas
    and candidates, particularly as to race and gender, was disregarded.
    By swinging the bat of social change at campaign finance reform we could hit
    a towering home run that would change America forever. A national campaign
    calling for complete reform of the financing of national elections is doable
    and the results achievable through a legislative not a constitutional
    process. Such a campaign could radicalize the existing calls for reform and
    move them forward through popular support and pressure.

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