Re: [sixties-l] The Battle of Palm Beach

From: William M Mandel (
Date: 01/16/97

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    True, but Mike Moore's moving reaction takes this out of the
    category of satire.
                                Bill Mandel
    Marty Jezer wrote:
    > Yes Walter, satire: -Mayor Daley's son as spokesperson for
    > fair election.- Elderly Jews "giving" the election to Bush
    > by accidentally voting for Pat Buchanan who virtually all,
    > as Pat concedes, consider an anti-semite.Lenny Bruce
    > couldn't have thought this one up; nor could Paul
    > Krassner.
    >   Marty JezerAt 01:55 AM 11/10/2000 -0800, you
    > wrote:>                   The Battle of Palm Beach>    or
    > Will the Jewish Vote Count and Save Gore &
    > Lieberman?>>(Satire?)>>Some conspiracists are saying it
    > was Bush's brother Governor Jeb, but>maybe it was a
    > clever>official who claimed she was trying to make it
    > easier for the "elderly>to read" the ballots. Or was it>a
    > mole (Republican, Democrat, Jewish) passing as an
    > apolitical and inept>draftsman who years>ago created the
    > "butterfly ballot" for Palm Beach County. Did she not>know
    > it violated electoral>law to surreptitiously list VP Gore
    > in 3rd Place and assign Buchanan's>"button" to the 2nd
    > rank. ...........
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