Re: [sixties-l] Re: stop the theft of the election

From: William M Mandel (
Date: 01/16/97

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    The states have nothing in the world to do with cultural diversity. A group of
    states may, or may not, but not an individual state. The electoral college
    reflects the unwillingness of the smaller ex-colonies represented at the
    Constitutional Convention to be overwhelmed by a one-citizen one-vote system that
    would have given the then most populous, such as Virginia, maximum power. I simply
    don't understand how someone can believe in democracy and favor a system that
    gives a person in Wyoming sixty-nine times the vote of one in California in choice
    of a president.
                                                            Bill Mandel
    Michael Rossman wrote:
    > About the bandwagon rush to junk the Electoral College: If the current
    > situation were reversed, would Goreites and Naderites be scrambling so
    > righteously to jump on? If not, the thought that changing the Constitution
    > should involve reasons more profound than relatively-ephemeral concerns should
    > give some premature riders pause.
    > At issue here, among other things, is cultural diversity. To some limited
    > extent, the E.C. enforces a degree of attention to differences in regional
    > cultures and sentiments, which will be completely disabled by promotional
    > processes in a system oriented simply to massed popular vote. The degree to
    > which this partial reinforcement of residual political differentiation may
    > work more broadly to reinforce residual cultural difrferentiation is surely
    > debateable. But to assume its effect negligible is foolish; and to dismiss
    > this subject is wrong-headed,  in the face of the forces and momentum of
    > monoculturalization, which will only be abetted by discarding the E.C.
    >         Michael Rossman <>

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