[sixties-l] more bad cops

From: RozNews@aol.com
Date: 11/11/00

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    <<Thanks,  Roz, for your anecdote about police misconduct in drug busts. I'm 
    sure it's what I'm looking for, though, because its relation to specifically
    political activism is unclear. Can anyone suggest more-pertinent examples?>>
    Ah,  political activism.   My memory in the Sixties , if you had long hair, 
    if you were a hippie,  a brown or black person , if you had the wrong  
    political bumper sticker on you VW or car,  if you were on your way to or 
    from  a demonstration or a concert,  or if you were in the right place at the 
    wrong time or the wrong place at the right time you could be stopped by a bad 
    cop and either busted or harrassed.  And, are drug busts  always not 
    Hey, it sounds like today.  
    What are you looking for,  police informers in political groups,  police 
    pretending  not to be police?  FBI Counterintelligence work against folks.    
    I know of lots of stories from life , working in political groups, and 12 
    years in a law office,  of bad cops, FBI agents, Police Informers .    Anyone 
    close to Vietnam Vets and the  Yippies can tell you stories.   
    << Can anyone suggest more-pertinent examples?>>
     Please be more specific in what you are looking for and perhaps I will be 
    able to  tell you  story of a bad cop  that is pertinent.
    my best,  roz  payne 

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