[sixties-l] Re: stop the theft of the election

From: Michael Rossman (mrossman@igc.org)
Date: 11/10/00

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    About the bandwagon rush to junk the Electoral College: If the current
    situation were reversed, would Goreites and Naderites be scrambling so
    righteously to jump on? If not, the thought that changing the Constitution
    should involve reasons more profound than relatively-ephemeral concerns should
    give some premature riders pause.
    At issue here, among other things, is cultural diversity. To some limited
    extent, the E.C. enforces a degree of attention to differences in regional
    cultures and sentiments, which will be completely disabled by promotional
    processes in a system oriented simply to massed popular vote. The degree to
    which this partial reinforcement of residual political differentiation may
    work more broadly to reinforce residual cultural difrferentiation is surely
    debateable. But to assume its effect negligible is foolish; and to dismiss
    this subject is wrong-headed,  in the face of the forces and momentum of
    monoculturalization, which will only be abetted by discarding the E.C.
    	Michael Rossman <mrossman@igc.org>

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