[sixties-l] elections MFDP tapes and maybe general strike

From: PNFPNF@aol.com
Date: 11/11/00

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    Is one reminded more, by Bush's anxiety to stop the Florida recounts, of the 
    MFDP issue at the 1964 Dem. convention, or by Nixon's concern re those wee 
      This is indeed a moment for a new generation to catch on who runs the 
    electoral process/country.  
      As for the specific recounts issue, belief in progress seems relevant; 
    should progress toward universal suffrage in this country (from white male 
    property owners to white males generally [supposedly] to women and nonwhites 
    too, to...) not extendg to those who have trouble to read a (peculiarly) 
    confusing ballot--with recounts and even revoting becoming perhaps just 
    another part of the election process?
       It might also be good if, in case a candidate should try to concede or 
    prevent what are not his to concede--ie the rights not only of the Palm Beach 
    voters but of all of us to a fairly counted election--to have not only 
    crescendoes of protests but, say, a call for a general strike.

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