[sixties-l] The Battle of Palm Beach

From: Walter Teague (wteague@erols.com)
Date: 11/10/00

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                       The Battle of Palm Beach
        or Will the Jewish Vote Count and Save Gore & Lieberman?
    Some conspiracists are saying it was Bush's brother Governor Jeb, but
    maybe it was a clever
    official who claimed she was trying to make it easier for the "elderly
    to read" the ballots. Or was it
    a mole (Republican, Democrat, Jewish) passing as an apolitical and inept
    draftsman who years
    ago created the "butterfly ballot" for Palm Beach County. Did she not
    know it violated electoral
    law to surreptitiously list VP Gore in 3rd Place and assign Buchanan's
    "button" to the 2nd rank.
    Then did other moles (of whatever affiliation) make sure that these
    tricky buttons were left off
    the sample ballots? and that these samples were different and clearer
    than the cards the many
    retirees of Palm Beach got when they went into the booth. Even the
    newspapers left the buttons
    out when they "explained" the complicated butterfly ballot. It was a
    very messed up butterfly
    experience once they got into the voting booth!
    So now like a putsch in reverse, a double 2 step, and seemingly
    diabolical strategy was set to
    catch  thousands of unsuspecting Palm Beach voters. In fact, over 19,000
    ended up so confused
    by the sudden appearance of oddly (and illegally) placed "buttons," they
    punched two buttons to
    the right of Gore's name - perhaps just to be sure or maybe trying to
    hit the correct one. These
    19,000 votes where then all thrown out! Thousands more found themselves
    struggling to choose
    the right button and too their credit, didn't push two buttons. But, if
    they were voting for Bush it
    was relatively easy since he was on top and only one button stood to the
    right. But if they were
    trying to prevent a slide down that slippery slope to the right, they
    selected button number two -
    which according to the instruction booklet was supposed to stand for the
    number two candidate --
    and to their later horror, selected Buchanan!  Outside the booth they
    would cry they "would
    rather die than have voted for Buchanan!"
    Even Buchanan himself believed these voters mistaken. Though he later
    said he'd keep them!
    Imagine them finding themselves alone in the booth with mounting anxiety
    and no way to
    straighten it out. No wonder so many had double punched. But here the
    conspiracy begins to
    reveal itself - if that is what it really was.
          "I didn't go there to take a test, I went to vote!"
    Florida law requires a state recount of all the accepted votes and while
    Bush's margin has shrunk,
    it is likely he will prevail with the help of the more conservative
    overseas ballots.
    But it doesn't stop there. The legal maneuvering has already begun, but
    more importantly, the
    Battle of Palm Beach can now begin. Voters of all types, furious and
    feeling disenfranchised add
    their grievances to the growing demand for justice and taking to the
    streets with a growing cry for
    a re-vote in Palm Beach! The uncounted and disenfranchised voters of
    Palm Beach threatened not
    to be silenced until the Supreme Court heard their cries!
     "The confused old people were being civically responsible" or
     "victims of a unnecessarily confusing and even illegal ballot"?
    The Battle for a re-vote on ballots that allow clear voting sounds
    increasingly reasonable.
    Republicans cry foul and warn "if you allow the Palm Beachers to
    re-vote, why where will it
    stop?" Of course they attempt to divert the issue, but the law and
    democracy demand that were
    any significant number of voters are deprived by legally irregular
    procedures and is there a means
    of redress, the citizens and nation deserve no less. If Bush supporters
    really support democracy,
    why would they fear a  legal re-vote to fix the problem in Palm Beach?
                             FIX THE MESS?
    Palm Beach will vote again and maybe on ballots that don't confuse, one
    punch to one candidate
    and then it will be clear how these many Jewish retirees and the
    majority of the nation voted.
    So maybe the Jewish vote will save the day for Gore and Lieberman after
    We well see!
    Walter Teague, 11/10/2000
    http://www.redandgreen.org (See Re-Vote Protest photos on this site)
    [P.S. Florida Law says the "written" ballot must have the mark to the
    right of the candidate and
    the second most popular candidate be listed second. The mechanical
    ballot is supposed to be look
    like the written ballot. But on the punch card ballot, the second mark
    or button was on the left of
    and for Buchanan! How hard would it be to follow the law and make the
    ballots clear?]

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