[sixties-l] Re: left excesses?

From: PNFPNF@aol.com
Date: 10/27/00

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    While self-critique and learning from history and/or hindsight have their 
    uses, they can go overboard.  Blaming the right's ascendancy on "left 
    excesses" seems quite possibly a case of the victims/vanquished biting on 
    themselves.   Indeed, if revolutionary change may be "the lion with seven 
    heads," one or more will seem excessive to the others; as Cox points out, 
    this is a matter of the unavoidable.
      Frankly, seeing some of what is happening these years to everyone but the 
    upper "middle class" and upwards, I sometimes wish more of us had become more 
    "excessive."  Sorry if that sounds bitter, but we on this list are, for the 
    most part, the "haves", guys.          (Though indeed if global warming is 
    proceeding so much faster....  Though I guess we remember the percentages 
    (economic) into the Titanic's liferafts.  Though, again, will this one *have* 

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