[sixties-l] sixties historiography?

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Date: 10/27/00

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    Subject: sixties historiography?
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    Sixties historiography (multiple responses)
    Tue, 16 Mar 1999 13:13:58 -0500
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    From: epm2@lehigh.edu (TED MORGAN)
    Subject: Re: Sixties historiography
    > Can anyone recommend a good historiographical essay (or essays) on the
    >sixties? I came up empty-handed searching American History and Life.
    > Thanks for any help.
    >Bob Strassfeld
    There's a pretty thorough and current ('96) essay at the back of David
    Burner's "Making Peace with the 60s" (Princeton U. press).
    Ted Morgan
    Department of Political Science
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    Lehigh University
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    From: Rachel E Adams <rea15@columbia.edu>
    Subject: Re: Sixties historiography
    See Frederic Jameson's "Periodizing the Sixties," and important commentary
    on remembering the decade from the perspective of the mid-1980s. It is
    anthologized in a collection containing other useful essays, _Sixties
    without Apology_.
    Rachel Adams,
    Assistant Professor
    Department of English and Comparative Literature
    Columbia University
    From: "James L. Wood" <jwood@mail.sdsu.edu>
    Subject: Re: Sixties historiography
    See Todd Gitlin's <italic>The Sixties</italic>.
    James L. Wood <<jwood@mail.sdsu.edu>
    From: Phoenix <lightshow@jps.net>
    Subject: Re: Sixties historiography
    how strange, really? Try "One Flew Over The CuCoo's Nest," by Ken Kesey.
    has even even more historical and cultural material particular to the time
    many of the writers and players who were there writing and playing. Also
    more recent works.

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