[sixties-l] Another FBI Dirty Trick

From: Sorrento95@aol.com
Date: 10/17/00

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    Readers are invited to read a memoir inspired by my FBI
    files obtained under the Freedom of Information Act.  One
    of the FBI mailings contained a disinformation teletype released
    about me and falsely alleging that I was planning to lead a
    group of protesters to disrupt a meeting of the University of
    Oklahoma Board of Regents.  Go here for details:
    Other related memoirs:
    Surfacing of FBI informant John Neal (and one of his dirty tricks):
    Surfacing of FBI informant Bill Lemmer, following agent provocateur
    activities and arrests at Tinker Air Force Base:
    Oklahoma City Police Surveillance over my Brother's Residence:
      ~ Michael Wright
         Norman, Oklahoma

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