Re: [sixties-l] 3500 Protest in San Francisco

From: David Horowitz (
Date: 10/07/00

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    When you attack a holy site on a holy day and illegally claim it to be
    yours, as the Palestinians did, there are no innocents.
    radman wrote:
    > For Mr. Bill "Feh!" Mandel:
    > October 6, 2000: San Francisco. Over 3500 protestors gathered in
    > front of the israeli consulate in san francisco for yet another
    > awesome protest against the genocidal activities of the israeli
    > government and its killing machine. The protest started at civic
    > center plaza in front of city hall where friday prayer was attended
    > by over 2000 muslim brothers and sisters--it was an incredible site
    > to see and hear, very moving and very powerful. Marchers made
    > there way to the israeli consulate and were joined by another 1500
    > demonstrators and the entire street in front of the consulate was
    > closed. we marched in a circle chanting "stop killing children" and
    > "palestine will never go", etc. The tension was very high. Speaker
    > after speaker denounced the atrocities and murders of palestinian
    > innocents and children. There was extensive media coverage from
    > major tv, radio, print media.

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