Re: [sixties-l] 3500 Protest in San Francisco

From: Randy Fertel (
Date: 10/08/00

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    on 10/7/00 4:40 PM, David Horowitz at wrote:
    > When you attack a holy site on a holy day and illegally claim it to be
    > yours, as the Palestinians did, there are no innocents.
    This is a very troubling post.  "There are no innocents."  Where have we
    heard that before? David Horowitz seems to be calling for total war, kill
    all the savages: all too familiar a cry in American history.  But I would
    hate to see us exporting once again our notion of American exceptionalism,
    redemption-through-violence and offering it wholesale to a client state
    (whose claim to the moral high ground is sufficiently shrill as it is).
    Reprehensible rhetoric.  The situation in the Near East is complex and it is
    a tinder-box.  It needs neither Horowitz's black-and-white, reductionist
    moral perspective, nor his lucifer-match.
    One of these days David Horowitz is going to spontaneously combust like
    Detective Bucket in Dickens' Bleak House.
    Randy Fertel

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