Re: [sixties-l] 3500 Protest in San Francisco

From: William M Mandel (
Date: 10/08/00

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    That's wonderful. The job now is to build non-Moslem participation in
    such actions up to a majority, inasmuch as Moslems are a small minority
    in our population.
        The same problem continues in the campaign to save Mumia. Mission
    High was packed last night when Hurricane Carter came down from Canada
    to speak. There were more Black heroes on the platform than I've ever
    seen in one place in my life. But the audience was overwhelmingly
    white. The job still remains of getting the families of
    African-Americans bereaved by killer cops to speak out in every city,
    so as to convince the white majority that the issue is killer cops and
    not cop killers.
    Bill Mandel
    radman wrote:
    > For Mr. Bill "Feh!" Mandel:
    > October 6, 2000: San Francisco. Over 3500 protestors gathered in
    > front of the israeli consulate in san francisco for yet another
    > awesome protest against the genocidal activities of the israeli
    > government and its killing machine. The protest started at civic
    > center plaza in front of city hall where friday prayer was attended
    > by over 2000 muslim brothers and sisters--it was an incredible site
    > to see and hear, very moving and very powerful. Marchers made
    > there way to the israeli consulate and were joined by another 1500
    > demonstrators

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