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Date: 10/05/00

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    Re Bunster, West, and Greensboro. Isn't it time we understood that economic
    determinism is primitive? Racism, sexism, religion, a country's history,
    national psychology are the things that determine how we behave en masse.
    The economy is the base, but no more than that.
                                                    Bill Mandel
    Jerry West wrote:
    > Mark Bunster wrote:
    > Did the owner of the lunch kitchen in Greensboro say to himself, "By
    > golly, it just doesn't make good capitalist SENSE to turn away business!
    > Here, sit right down and have some coffee!
    > JW reply:
    > Perhaps he weighed the number of customers that he would gain against
    > the number of customers that he would lose and made a strictly
    > capitalist decision.  Or maybe he figured he would lose more than his
    > customers, possibly a capitalist decision depending on what he stood to
    > lose.
    >  :)
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